Police Press Release – 9/08/17

Posted on September 11, 2017

Between June 25, 2017 and July 3, 2017 Montgomery Township Police investigated a total of six motor vehicle thefts.  All of the stolen motor vehicles were taken from residences in the area of Routes 206 & 601.  MTPD also investigated a number of motor vehicle burglaries from vehicles in the same area during this time frame.  In each of the vehicle thefts the vehicle was left unlocked with the key inside the vehicle.  Likewise in each of the cases involving thefts from vehicles, all of the vehicles were left unlocked, with valuables in plain sight.

MTPD Detective Sergeant Hofacker and Detective William Wilkes  coordinated and lead a multi-jurisdictional investigation to address the rash of thefts.  As a result, every vehicle stolen from Montgomery was recovered, within a day or two of it’s theft, in Newark, New Jersey with the exception of one vehicle which was recovered in Montgomery Township.  The coordinated investigation also resulted in the recovery of a number of additional vehicles stolen from other jurisdictions throughout the area.

The investigation resulted in complaints being filed against two juveniles from the Newark, NJ area. 

In an effort to prevent future incidents, MTPD would like to remind residents to lock their vehicles, remove valuable from sight and never leave their keys or key fobs in the vehicle.  

Source: Montgomery Twp. Police Dept.