Municipal Clerk

  • Attends and records meetings of the Township Committee, prepares agendas for the meetings and distributes Official Minutes
  • Compiles, investigates and prepares documents pertaining to items requiring Committee action, including creation of resolutions and proclamations
  • Handles municipal correspondence
  • Acts as liaison between the public and the Township Committee
  • Administers and records Oaths of Office
  • Maintains custody of all official records that are not specifically handled by other departments
  • Processes appointments to and keeps Updated Roster and Mailing List for Committees and Commissions
  • Signs majority of official documents, attests signature of municipal officers and officials
  • Maintains custody of the Municipal Seal
  • Maintains legal documents.
  • Upholds citizenry’s right to access public records under the N.J. Open Public Records Act (OPRA).
    Request for Access to Government Records (OPRA) Form
    Download form from link above, print and returned to the Clerk’s Office. (Also found under “Forms” section of website).
  • Registers Voters
  • Certifies vacancies existing on the local level
  • Maintains receipt of nominating petitions and certification to the County Clerk of local candidate nominated by petition
  • Exercises quasi-judicial authority in determining the validity of petitions
  • Conducts drawing for position of candidates on the local ballot
  • Furnishes material for local elections
  • Suggests polling places to the Election Board
  • Maintains receipt of election results
  • Certifies to County Clerk persons elected to partisan County Committee offices in each election district
  • Tallies the votes and certifies election results for local office at primary, general and municipal elections
  • Issues licenses and permits: ABC liquor, container facility, peddlers, raffles and bingo, taxi and limousine, special events, towing, wildlife management (deer hunting), etc.
  • Handles complaints of all types
  • Furnishes data to public information media
  • Purchases supplies and equipment when required
  • Receives and files bonds and insurance policies
  • Directs correspondence and inquiries to various departments for action
  • Serves as coordinator and records manager responsible for implementing local archives and records retention programs
  • Conducts business with other municipal departments as needed and as directed by the Township Committee.
  • Coordination of special projects
  • Resident/public inquiries
  • Provide copies of Ordinances/Resolutions and other information as requested by public and personnel
  • Process applications for Blue/Red Light Permits to Emergency Service Volunteers
  • Landlord Rental Registration
  • Sign final development maps before filed with the County
  • Keep and maintain Township Code, including Land Development Ordinance
  • Responsible for sound and recording equipment in the meeting rooms
  • Work related to easements, cross easements, etc.
  • Support work related to scheduling appeals to License Appeals Board
  • Administer petty cash fund
  • Custodian of original Contracts and Agreements with responsibility for their execution
  • Responds to requests for information from residents, attorneys, press, radio stations, etc.
  • Maintains the Township website
  • Administer budget accounts for Township Clerk and Township Committee
  • Plan and organize municipal social events such as Township Committee Receptions, etc.
  • Research public utility assessment searches for prospective home buyers.